Country Travel DISCOVERIES (CTD) Terms & Conditions - Documentation Requirements

Documentation Requirements

Entry Requirements: A valid U.S. Passport is required for travel to/from the U.S. U.S. citizens need to present a valid U.S. Passport, a U.S. Passport Card or a WHTI-Compliant Travel Document for travel to/from the U.S.

Passport applications are available at your local post office or online at If your passport is other than U.S. issued, please advise us in writing as other documentation may be required. Some countries require a minimum period (generally 6 months) from scheduled return date of your trip until passport expires.

Failure to present proper proof of citizenship can result in denied entry, and you may not be able to join and/or continue with our tour. Country Travel DISCOVERIES, LLC will not be responsible for the accuracy of your citizenship documents or any additional costs incurred due to incomplete documentation. All passengers should check with the appropriate consulate for entry requirements.



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